International Soccer Camp Germany,
Summer 2008 in Landenhausen,
State of Hesse near Frankfurt/ Main

practice, play and camp out, for boys and girls age 10-15

Monday, July 14th - July 21st, 2008 (for Individuals)

Monday, July 21st - July 28th, 2008 (for Individuals)

Monday, July 28th - August 4th, 2008
(for youth soccer teams with focus on team building and season preparation)

Dear Youth Soccer players,
          dear Coaches and Parents,

after the great success of our Summer Soccer Camps in 2006 and 2007, we are pleased to present our upcoming trips to Germany in July 2008.

Boys and girls between the age of 10 - 15 have the opportunity to participate. Coaches and parents are welcome to join the group, a special parents program will be offered depending on your interest. In 2008 we offer three weeks of our Camp, the first and second week is geared towards individual players of every skill level, the third week for entire teams who like to prepare their team for the next season. Depending on the interest we receive we can easily implement your team in week 1 or 2, just let us know how flexible you are with your travel plans.

The trip will be a true camping experience with soccer players living in large tents on an amazing sports camp site. Boys and girls will sleep separately with their own bath and locker room, supervision by our male and female staff will be provided during  the entire stay.

Local players from our partner clubs will stay with us for the  entire week and we will interact with them all week long. It will  be a great opportunity for young soccer players to meet and  befriend peers from other clubs and other countries. Play, practice  and camp out with players of your age in a fun and non-competitive  environment and improve your game with our professional coaching  staff. For the younger groups a special technical skill program will be offered together with some basic tactical elements of the game. Besides soccer and all the other sports we will focus on the social interaction between the players during their stay.
Our goal is simply having a lot of fun, it will be an ultimate experience for you, your friends, your team and maybe even your parents if they decide to explore Germany during your stay at the camp site.

Please take a few minutes and check out our website and get an impression about the camp features and the superb fun we had in the previous years.

Availability is limited, so please ensure that you reserve your  spot in time. Please contact me via phone (+1-914-921-5532) or email

"I am looking forward to welcoming you to Germany in July 2008"

Yours sincerely,

     Dirk Luenzer
     U.S.S.F. Coach and DFB Lizenztrainer


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